Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted Reverse Cycle Airconditioning Adelaide

Your family deserves the ultimate in home heating and cooling.

R & R Airconditioning & Heating can design, install and service the best possible system for your home. Ducted Reverse Cycle Airconditioning gives the best cooling performance regardless of humidity levels.

Each home is different therefore we will make recommendations based on its layout and your needs. We will come to you for a an obligation free consultation to assist in planning the best system for the size of your Adelaide home.


Often ignored, the standard of ductwork used in an air conditioning system can make a real difference to the operation, economy and life expectancy of any system.

R & R Airconditioning & Heating use only Ductair ductwork.

  • All metal fittings for improved reliability
  • Superior Energy Smart Ultra Flexible duct with glasswool insulation reduces losses by nearly 50% compared to polyester insulation.
System Design

The design of an air conditioning system is critical. We need to take into account factors such as the size and orientation of the rooms, the type of construction, and most importantly the lifestyle of the occupants.

The Actron ESP Plus Outdoor Unit has durable powder coating and unique louvre grilles to protect from the elements and hard knocks, ensuring longer life and reduced maintenance

Australian homes typically have large individual living areas requiring multiple air-conditioning zones (multi-zoning). Zones are frequently shut down when only certain parts of the home require airconditioning.

Variable Air Flow technology reduces large amounts of air flow from being produced when zones are switched off.

Variable Air Flow

This is an energy efficient solution.Our Airconditioning systems include a highly efficient indoor 'Smart' Fan to produce the right amount of air to match the zoning requirement.

They automatically sense when zones are switched on or off and adjust air flow to maintain better air flow control.

The Variable Air Flow technology delivers the right amount of conditioned air required for Zone usage so there is no excess air velocity and associated noise.

High Efficiency Systems

Different rooms can be heated or cooled as required, unoccupied areas that are zoned can be turned off to minimize operating costs.

We can source, supply, install and service all of the major brands.

Choose from the best range of units on the Australian market including

  • Actron Air
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Gree
  • Brivis
  • Daikin

These brands and more all available at R & R Airconditioning & Heating